Weekly Devotionals


No Other Name

Source of Life

Uncommon Unity

The Spirit Empowers

The Kingdom Advances

Good From Evil

A Family Reunion

Rags to Riches

In The Prison

The Favorite Son

Direction & Identity

Wrestling with God

Multiplied Blessings

The Empty Tomb

Jacob's Dream

A Son's Deceit

God's Guidance

A Call for Sacrifice

Drifting Into Danger

Father of Nations

Trusting God's Way

A New Land

The Great Confusion

Promise & Protection

The Great Reset

The Wrath Poured Out


The First Murder

The Promised Child

Perfection Destroyed

A Beautiful Beginning

Where It All Began

The Risen Savior

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Obedient Son

He’s Coming Back

Way Maker

The Servant Messiah

Nothing But Prayer

What It Costs

Jesus’s Compassion

Jesus Is Enough

Jesus’s Family

An Unkept Secret

Son of God

God’s Comfort

God’s Justice

God’s Counsel

God’s Word Rejected

Radical Obedience

The New Covenant

Working & Waiting

A Righteous Branch

The Master Potter

In God’s Timing

Turning From Sin

A Disloyal People

When God Calls

Fishers Of People

Faith Without Sight

It Is Finished

Innocent Yet Accused


One In Christ

The Spirit Of Truth

The Empty Tomb

Stick To The Source

A Gift Of Peace

Jesus Is The Way

Upside-Down Kingdom

The Greatest Gift

Jesus Is Life

The Good Shepherd

Truth Revealed

Light In Darkness

An Unexpected Conversation

Living Water

Lord Over Sickness

A Miraculous Feast

Sent By The Father


An Epic Birth Announcement

Glory On Display

We Found Him

Word Made Flesh

Reason to Hope

A Fresh Start

Ungodly Leaders

Session Title

Idols And Lies

Empty Promises

An Unfaithful Bride

An Angry Prophet

God Is Everywhere

By The Gate

An Enemy Healed

God's Soft Whisper

God Is Worthy

Sin's Ripple Effect

Integrity Matters

Through God's Eyes

Living Hope


Stay Humble

Seek & Find

History Speaks

Hope in Darkness

Strength to Obey



Gospel Life

Jesus Is Enough

All About Jesus

Christ in You

Redeemer & King

The Joy of Giving

Joy & Purpose

Truly Righteous

Joy in Humility

Lasting Joy

Growing in Faith